I created a new facebook group because Jeff Hardy, Melina, and John Hennigan said it would help out.  The problem is there are way too many posers out on facebook that are stealing their thunder so to speak.  I also wanted to create a site based on respect for these individuals.  So I spent the whole day yesterday creating the group and getting the description where I wanted.  I have some things I want everyone to know.  These individuals use their bodies to tell a story.  They take falls, spills, and literally get thrown around the ring and on the floor outside the ring.  In the course of their match, they get a major adrenaline rush.  Adrenaline added with aches and pains equals a crappy night of sleep.  Then they wake up and have to travel to someplace else to do another show and do it all over again.  They spend lots of time away from their families and make a lot of sacrifices to entertain fans.  Sometimes in the process of all of this, they do irrepairable damage to their bodies.  Posing as these wrestlers isn’t flattering it’s disrespectful considering most of the posers have never had their shoes inside of a ring. 

Another gripe I’ve heard is that some people take everything seriously that happens in the ring.  Wrestling on TV is just another tv show.  The Wrestlers are actors who tell a story with their bodies.  CM Punk (a.k.a. Phil Brooks) uses a script to perform in his role.  Nothing happens in the ring unless it’s in the script.  While CM Punk may be an @ss on tv, Phil Brooks is a very nice guy.  When the cameras stop rolling these guys and gals turn back into themselves.  A lot of them will get facebook accounts under their real name instead of their stage name.  They’ll do that so you can seperate them from the characters that they play.  I love the edge character.  Adam Copeland gave an interview where he said he made his character edge 180 degrees from his values.  To illistrate this, he had a storyline where he married Vickie Guererro to get the heavy weight championship.  So don’t take these storylines literally because they are storylines and the people behind the storylines are just like you and me. 

I just started up the group yesterday so I have a handful of these superstars facebook accounts listed.  Right now, I have Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Melina, John Morrison, Phil Brooks, and Gregory Shane Helms.  I sent invitations to the bella twins and Mark Calloway.  All of the superstars who have signed up will be talking to the others to see if they’d like to join.  Please don’t use the group to send them hate mail.  These superstars want to reach out and talk to their fans.  Don’t abuse their intentions by sending them hate emails.  I’m sure if you are trying to break into wrestling, they don’t mind working with you to help you progress in pro-wrestling. 

The new facebook group link is: