The latest incident at Columbia University proves without a doubt that they are nothing more than idiots.  We (America) send our kids to get an education yet if we evaluated these institutions based on what they actually learned, this university would wind up owing it’s students most of their education costs because they do such a lousy job at educating them.

The college held a town hall meeting to discuss whether they should allow ROTC back on it’s campus and Staff Sergeant Anthony Maschek, An Iraqi veteran who was awarded the purple heart for being shot 11 times, got up to speak and these classless liberal idiots started booing, hissing, and overall heckling him.  Some of these liberal idiots stood up and began calling him a racist.  Really?  Are you really going to try to go there?  I really have no idea where these classless individuals attempted to get their information from but here are some facts.  In the military, everyone is treated the same, white, black, asian, etc.  YOUR survival depends on a lot of people and some of those people could be minorities.  So if Staff Sergeant Anthony Maschek was a racist, do you really think he’d be here now?  I mean he did get shot 11 times.  When members of the Armed Forces are attempting to solve a problem, we do not care what race the individual is that has an answer.

Your average liberal has absolutely no concept of civility.  I’m sure the communists at Columbia University are just as ignorant about civility.  The liberal definition is that you have to remain civil while they don’t.  When George Bush was in office, the leftists in this country were not civil at all.  They wrote a movie about how to assassinate  George Bush.  Really?  Is that civility?

Again, can someone explain to me how calling a Wounded Iraq War vet a racist is civil?  Even when these idiots don’t have one piece of evidence to say that Staff Sergeant Anthony Maschek is a racist.  I have a couple of terms I use for people like the students at Columbia.  One of them is “The Young and the useless, they are their own personal drama.”  My other term is intelilectually dishonest.  The definitiion of intelilectually dishonest is like when Obama told us we can keep our own insurance and then designed a system that automatically forces everyone into a system that does not allow you too keep your insurance.