Ok, seriously, I underestimated how scared liberal Democrats are this coming election.  If Weiner had stuck to his guns and not resigned, I don’t think he’d have been kicked out of office.  I mean he is a registered Democrat after all.  Everyone already knows that liberals don’t run on morals because most of them don’t have any.  Liberal Democrats have every reason to be scared this election cycle.  People are referring to George W. Bush’s 2 terms in office as the good old days.  Obama has said the economy and jobs has his undivided attention and still stuff is going down the toilet.  I wonder what would have happened if he’d just ignored them?  LOL.  Obama has lost the majority of the so-called independent voters.  Unemployment is at 9 percent putting the real number at double digits.  We have inflation.  Gas prices keep surging upward.  Record levels of people are now on food stamps while Obama tells us that the economy is doing good.  The courts are shooting down his legislation as fast as he can write them.  There’s a poll out there overwhelmingly people are saying his presidency is far worse than Jimmy Carters.  Even Jimmy Carter is out there doing back flips because he is no longer viewed as the worst president ever.