I’ve said for years that man-made global warming was a scam yet I had the idiots want to argue their point about a scientific conscensus.  I brought up the fact that I could get 5 people to say something and have a conscensus and that it doesn’t make it true.  Then the mindless numbots began telling me I’m at war with science.  Over the last 7 years we’ve found out a lot about this so-called science.  We’ve found out that it truly wasn’t science.  Does this shock anyone?  We’ve found out that these so-called scientists have been cooking the numbers ever since this dumbass idea got out of hand.  They’ve tried everything, I’ll give them credit for that.  They’ve tried to inflate temperature readings since 1990 by 0.5 degrees Farenheidt, They’ve tried to claim that the medevil warming period wasn’t as warm as records indicated, then they claimed to have lost temperature data, we had the climategate emails come out.  The latest is the discovery that the IPCC was cooking data ontop of what the scientists were cooking.  Apparently, some of the data was not compiled by scientists at all.  It was provided by green peace activists with no scientific degree at all and the data was never in a consensus.  Does that surprise anyone?

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I find it hillarious that these so-called smart people are still out there trying to convince us that they are right even as most scientists predict we’re entering into an ice age. The only hope they have is that your too stupid to understand you can’t have warming and a ice age at the same time. So to break all this down for the dumbest of liberals to understand, man-made global warming is a scam to get funding for studies. It’s as real as Santa Clause and the tooth fairy. Maybe we need to get rid of all of the climate scientists and start all over with scientists who have integrity and honor. The climatologists we now have should be tried for fraud and have their credentials taken away from them. Apparently, they don’t know jack about their trade.