Liberals have always tried to call me ignorant but even they have to admit that I was right about Obama’s business plan’s impact on Employment.  I said after he got elected that businesses where going to tighten up as he starts his class tax warfare.  In my opinion about 35% of the layoffs that have occured happened because of Obama insinuating the rich aren’t paying their fair share.  He’s your average liberal with average intelligence because he still can’t figure out why his plans aren’t working.  I specifically said that businesses were going to look at the tax bill and call in the bean counters and that they’d raise the price for goods, back off on production, and will layoff more people and that’s exactly what has happened. 

They can’t figure out how come they aren’t rolling in dough right now.  It’s easy, big businesses do not pay big taxes the customer does.  Your average liberal can’t imagine that because they are all out there saying the rich aren’t paying their fair share but when you corner them and start asking the difficult questions like how much of the rich’s taxable income should the government take?  First off most of them can’t figure out that big corporations are already paying 35%.  I had one ignorant liberal tell me that a fair share would be 60%.  They change their minds when we start talking about their tax bill.  Especially if you tell them well what if the government took 60% of your taxable income they start whining.  Well how come it’s ok to steal 60% of big businesses money yet it’s not ok for them to steal your 60%?  I don’t remember exact figures but the rich pay 90% of the tax money that is collected yet they are only 30% of taxpayers.

Here’s a recent lesson on liberal tax policies.  Liberals in New York raised taxes on cigars a huge amount and were licking their chops because they believed they’d be rolling in dough but it never happened.  Instead what happened is that people close to the border states around New York went one state over to buy cigars and bring them back across the state line or they just did not buy any cigars at all.  When it was all said and done, the money they brought in on cigars was so low that they had to cry uncle and lower the cigar taxes.  They are so narcessistic that they don’t think people are going to give them the big FU and stop buying all together.  They are always guilty of counting their tax money before it’s in their hands.