When I originally heard this clip, I couldn’t stop laughing at how stupid she is.  As I thought about it, she’s your average liberal with average intelligence.  She’s so far off base with her comments that it makes her look like she’s got an IQ of about 5.  I’m going to break this down so that even the dumbest liberal can understand how bad this woman is lying.


1.  A Rich person has been paying taxes on his money so to think that he hasn’t paid for everything roads, police, fire department, etc. shows how ignorant she is.  The top marginal rate is 48%.  Hello?  I’m pretty sure the rich pay property taxes which is used to pay for education  so where blondie got her information, I have no idea.  If your in Texas the lottery helps pay for education.

2.  Rich people didn’t get rich without help?  Really?  Someone tell me she isn’t that stupid.  Apparently she thinks that people aren’t paid for their work.  Absolutely nobody works for free.  I don’t give a damn if all his workers got paid was minimum wage, they still got paid.  There are some rich people who got rich by investing their money.  I guess I need a leftie to tell me how the government helped them get rich.  Some rich people inherited their money so I don’t see how government or others made that possible.  What she’s trying to usher in is called governmental theft where the government takes more than they deserve.

The US government makes trillions of dollars a month in taxes.  Guess what, the incompetent SOBs keep spending worse than a sailor on leave in Thailand.  In case you think the US has a income problem, you’re clearly dillusional.  They have a spending problem.  They spend money on boondoggles like spending 3 million dollars to study prostitution in Vietnam and Thailand.  You want to tell me why we don’t have a spending problem?  Imagine this, members of the Armed Forces spend 20 years in the military to get chump change for a retirement while house of representative members who spent 2 years in office get paid way more in retirement and benefits than we do yet we are the first ones getting money stolen out of our pocket when these douchebage spend too much.  Want to know exactly how much more?  I get paid 15,000 a year in retirement for 20 years and a representative makes over 140,000 a year just for serving 2 years.  That representative didn’t have to dodge any bullets or endure hostility in a foreign country yet they make way more in retirement than I do.

People we need to wake up and realize how bad we’re being lied to.  Politicians are attempting to take more money from retirees while their retirements remain untouched.  If politicians want to impress me, they should cut their retirements instead of going after veterans pay.