Leftist nuts all over have their panties in a bunch because Hank Williams Jr. made the analogy that Obama and Boehner playing golf is like hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu.  His intention was to say they are polar opposities.  Apparently these nuts don’t remember a few years ago when they were comparing Bush to Hitler.   They even felt a thrill going up their legs while critiqing and endorsing a book written on how to assassinate Bush.  Leftists everywhere loved it when the Iraqui journalist threw a shoe at Bush.  Again, leftists aren’t too smart cause there was the one dumbass out there proclaiming that’s racist.  Racist for who?  Since when has Hitler become a racist slur towards an African American?  You leftists need to take your pills before you start stating stupid shit like that.  While I’m on the subject, Biden is a racist for calling Obama a clean person while insinuating other black men are dirty yet absolutely none of usual suspects had a word to say about Biden’s comments.  Leftists are so sure that Republicans are racists that they can’t explain Robert Byrd who was a grand klegal for the KKK and a valued member of the Democrat party.  In fact Byrd was such a racist he talked for 24 hours straight on why blacks shouldn’t be allowed to vote or serve in the military.