Mitt Romney is what I consider the bottom of the barrel.  Honestly, there is Very little to no difference between Obama and Mitt.  He’s not a conservative Republican.  Inherently, if he’s all I got to vote for chances are, I’ll reluctantly vote for him but he does absolutely nothing for me.  He is telling the liberal messiah how to implement Obamacare and he’s onboard the Carbon Credit Train.  Those 2 items there are a HUGE Demotivator for me.  The RNC can kiss every inch of my fat @ss if they think I’m just gonna vote for Mitt in the Primaries.  If I have a choice, I’ll vote for someone else.  This has nothing to do with his religion and everything to do with his opinion on stuff.

I like Rick Perry but he needs some major work at the debate process.  Rick is a true conservative republican not Obama lite.  He understands that social security is a ponzie scheme, he’s 100% against Obummercare, and he doesn’t drink from the man-made global warming warmist cup.  That’s as far into the election process as I’ve gotten.  I need to make time to go find the speeches each potential candidate has made to find out what their views are….at least other canadidates.  Mitt has showed his hand already and I can tell it sucks.