This is a piss poor story and it’s kind of sad in a way.  These people should be locked up but due to corruption in the New York government, politicians are out there claiming this is the real tea party.  My response is pull your head out of your ass and take a look at the whole situation.  Government officials are laying down threats to everyone from private citizen landowners to the New York City Police Department.  Government officials have threatened the police by saying “I don’t care if they do break the law you do not arrest them.”  I don’t remember such courtesies levied at Tea Party members.  In fact, they were chomping at the bit waiting for a reason to arrest one of those members.  These people have gotten away with deficating on police cars and smoking weed in the middle of New York, etc., there are no shortages on stuff they should have been arrested for.  It’s a travesty to call them human beings.  Trust me, when these animals finally leave the park where they’ve been hanging out, it will look like it’s been annexed by the zoo and zoo animals were kept there.  It’s a good thing breathing does not require intelligence because these numbots would probably stop breathing.

Even President Obama, Al Gore, Democrat Party endorse these guys and it all makes sense to me.  The Democrat party hates military members so it’s not hard to figure out why these mind numbots were seen spitting on a coast guard female.  Personally I think she should have beat the hell out of them and forced the cops to come out cause I’d love to see that idiot bloomberg’s face when the cops take that disgusting moron to jail for spitting on a armed forces person.  It should come as no surprise that most of those protesters are being paid to protest.  So go ahead Obama and praise them all you want.  America has already figured out that you support these idiots because you hate America.  I think you should come clean about it and stop being a lying piece of sh*t.