Wasn’t it Al Gore who told us the debate is over and the science is settled?  Ok, so hell must have frozen over because that egotistical jackass Al Gore wants to debate now.  I know why and it’s absolutely no mystery to me at all.  Al Gore’s house of cards based on man-made global warming is falling down and he’s grasping at straws to keep the whole structure from falling down on top of him.  That’s what normally happens when you base your theory on lies, fraud, and deception.  That’s what happens when your advocates are out there trying to deceive the public as it pertains to this theory.  They’ve proved there is no low that they won’t go to prove this scam is legit.  They’ve cooked temperature data, employed many dishonest tactics and now they have gotten caught with their hands in the cookie jar and some of these thieves are starting to continue their path of insanity.  Michael Mann is out there trying to convince everyone that the little ice age never happened.  These people are pathetic!!!!!

Before you start feeling sorry for Al Gore, you have to realize all of the deception that’s taken place since Al got on board the carbon Credit Train.  They reduced the number of weather monitoring stations.  They kept the ones located in the hottest places on earth just so they can show you that the national average shows it’s getting hotter.  They attempted to tell us that CO2 levels drive weather even after scientists discovered it’s the other way around.  They added 0.5 degrees to every temperature reading from 1990 til 2011 so they can attempt to convince you that it’s getting warmer.  They’ve attempted to erase the hottest years in history by telling you the hottest years were in the 1990’s.  They’ve attempted to convince us that the Medieval Warming Period wasn’t as warm as our records show it was.  Both the IPCC and environmental scientists have gone out there and made all of these claims about what global warming will do and when they are proven wrong by mother nature, they simply revise their statements and make the same dumbass claims.  The dumbest claims were that rape and kidnapping stats would sky-rocket because of global warming.  On a side note, I wonder if this was based on the sex crazed poodle’s personal experience of chasing that massage therapist around his hotel room?   Al Gore and his stooges strong-armed scientists that disagreed with their kooky theory and prevented them from having their work published in the scientific journals (Climategate emails proved that).  They overplayed their hand on the “Scientific Consensus.”  They developed computer models to predict the weather and now can’t figure out why the models are so off.  I’ve got a clue for them…..garbage in…garbage out.  Garbage in is all of the cooked data they plugged into those computer models.  Well if your feeding your computer garbage to compile data then you shouldn’t be too damn surprised when you get garbage out.  Gore’s merry band of idiots took government money for research and then refused to honor Freedom of Information Act Requests to skeptics (Climategate).  It’s very simple, they got upset when someone went in and found errors on their part.  So these people’s pride got in the way of true science in the first f*cking place.  Al Gore attempted to tell people around the great lakes that global warming is why the great lakes were low.  Unfortunately, they went in and measured them and they aren’t low.  The facts speak for themselves.  Not one thing Al Gore said in his documentary has come to pass.  NOT ONE!!!!  Yet, he thinks we should still listen to him.  Only a complete moron (or a member of the Democrat Party) would believe one word Al Gore says.

My response:  No Al, we are  not having a debate now after we’ve found all of these lies committed by your merry band of idiots.  What the hell?  Do you think you get second chances to lie, cheat, and steal?  There is an old saying out there Al you should have read up on before you started this.  “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  The sad part was I wasn’t fooled the first time over this bozo crap.  I have too high of an IQ to fall for this rank amateur stuff.  I said you were full of sh*t ever since you left the white house.  I can tell your due for an enema soon before you explode.  Scientists that disagreed with you and your merry band of idiots has said this theory was based on junk science and every day there’s just another story out there showing us how right they were and how wrong you were.  We can all tell you’re a Democrat.  Truth means a lot less to you than deception.  Personally you and your merry band of idiots are lacking in Integrity big time.  In a perfect world, you people would be held accountable for your fraud and your careers should be ruined over the bozo crap you have unleashed on an unsuspecting public.  Oh I’m pretty sure if given the chance, you’ll put forth new information to debate but it’ll be laced with the same lies, deceit, and fraud.