In each one of these pictures is a proud Democrat who needs to be bitch slapped.  The Democrat Party are calling this a real grass roots group and the media is telling you they are patriotic.  I beg to differ.  Since the Democrats have taken over the white house, it has become patriotic to walk with your dirty shoes on the US Flag, it’s patriotic to spray paint the American flag, and it’s now patriotic to carry the Commie flag.  These are scene’s from the Occupy Wallstreet idiots.  Oh yeah I almost forgot, it’s also patriotic to spit on soldiers too.  Speaking for myself, I can only say it’s time to clean out the pond scum next election.  We need to drain the pond and clean it up real good then refill it with water cause these people are clearly telling us they hate America and what it stands for.

As in all cases, if you don’t like this country leave.  Go some place you think you’ll enjoy like Afghanistan.  Hey you could probably join in with the Taliban and wear a diaper on your head because your special.  These idiots are all up in arms because they feel Wallstreet owes them a living that they don’t have to work for.  They are “Pathetic Losers” each and every one of them.  None of them have bothered to go get an education so that they can make a living.  Every single one of these idiots feels the rich should pay more, corporations should pay more, and wall street should pay more taxes AND they are ignorant enough to think that they should all go create jobs ontop of paying the higher taxes.  Whenever you wake up from that dream let me know so I can remind your dumb ass that businesses don’t pay taxes their customers do.  Why in the hell do you think grocery prices have shot up here lately?  I even had a liberal tell me GE didn’t pay any taxes this year.  My answer is go ask your liberal messiah why he allowed them to not pay any taxes or wait better yet, go ask your party leader why GE didn’t pay taxes.  I’m sure that will be a great little conversation.  Another argument I heard from this bunch is “Those evil corporations have all that money that they are sitting on.”  Really?  Really?  So nobody thinks that a corporation should protect itself from a bad sales period.  Some businesses hold back as much as 9 months worth of profits so if they have a couple of bad sales months, they can still make payroll, make purchases to make their product, pay the phone bill, pay utilities, and pay the rent on the property if they don’t own it.  I don’t believe that has anything to do with greed.  You say they are being greedy, I say they are protecting themselves from Obama’s bad economy.  They are being responsible to their employees by doing this otherwise, they would have to lay off people and rehire people on a monthly basis.

Obama’s children use all of their petty arguments as an excuse to walk on the flag.  Honestly, I hope they choke on the combination of their bad body odor and health foods.  I was here before they were and I’m sure I’ll be here long after they’ve gone.  Cause let’s be perfectly honest, Most of these mindless numbots spend every cent they can on drugs and well we’ve seen how long that lasts in the music industry.