I don’t know exactly how many or how few people are with me on this but I read this story and it pissed me off.  The drug cartels are calling our kids “The Expendables.”  Be my guest, go ahead and read it and understand that’s one of the major reasons we should be keeping illegals out because some of them are bringing drugs across the border.  We can’t stop just the drug runners, we need to stop everyone.


People who are taking drugs are creating this screwed up environment for our kids by buying said drugs.  My blood just boiled when I read the cartels are calling our kids the expendables.  It should make most people sick to their stomach but now thanks to the Obama administration, these idiots have plenty of guns and ammo to kill our kids with and I’m sure they’d do it on a dime and not think twice.  These are the same idiots that believe drugs are a victimless crime.  In case you wasn’t smart enough to understand it, there are plenty of victims.  Just look at the crime rate in border cities if you think it’s a victimless crime.  There are plenty of victims and you buy your drugs from a guy with blood on his hands.