The Occupy Wallstreet protestors aren’t exactly the most intelligent people out there.  They talked to a former soviet citizen and began telling him how great socialism is.  Apparently our schools do such a wonderful job teaching these people that they didn’t fully educate them on socialism.  They managed to cover one side of the argument but not the negative parts of socialism.  See for yourself here:

Apparently nobody told these useful idiots that under socialism and communism systems of government people have starved to death.  People were killed under both forms of government because in order to take the country to where they wanted, they had to kill the people that did not agree with their politics but that’s just par for the course as far as these liberal idiots are concerned.  In order to keep people drinking the kool aid of communism/socialism strong armed tactics have to be employed to keep the herd together.  The biggest problem I see with Occupy Wallstreet movement is that they are total f*cking lazy idiots who seem to think they know everything but in the end, they prove daily they haven’t got a clue.

This movement (sort of like a bowel movement) seems to focus on wallstreet and how wallstreet led our economy to where it is today.  If they had half a clue, they’d understand that it wasn’t just wallstreet that got us here but the US government too.  These people have spent our tax dollars like it was going out of style for so long, it’s come back to bite us in the ass.  Also the fact that our current president is not as smart as George Bush.  Bush tried to fix Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Obama voted against fixing them.  If Obama did something that stupid while he was a senator, I’m not quite sure how people thought he was so f*cking bright after he got elected.  He’s as partisan as they come and I’d have voted my paycheck after the election that he wasn’t as bright as the people who elected him thought he was.