I’m actually surprised anyone still watches professional sports anymore.  I quit watching baseball when the greedy players went on strike in Baseball.  I was absolutely pissed to the point, I quit watching them.  My son (The Lib) actually told me that well dad, it’s not fair that the owners are making all of that money.  I say bullshit on that.  1st No matter how much the players salaries go up the owner is still going to make money because he’s going to raise the ticket prices for fans to cover whatever the greedy unions have gotten for the players.  Only a complete moron (liberals) would believe that the owners are going to take it on the chin w/o raising ticket prices.  Owners are not going to lose their part of the profits.  Secondly, Liberals see the owner’s profits as unjust money that the players are entitled to.  That why Unions ruin everything they touch.  Their greed keeps them asking for more and more.  Eventually they will hit a point where the owners are losing money and the greedy unions are going to keep asking for more until there’s nothing there to give them.  Union greed is what’s going to be the end of professional sports today just like it killed the auto industry in this country.  Thirdly, since the 1980’s, the government has created a pay scale saying how much each career field should make so that made the need for unions obsolete.  Football players are making millions of dollars a year for PLAYING football and there’s not a single SOB in this world that can tell me they are worth more than a million a year.  The other thing my son mentioned well dad so many of them retired and are now broke.  My Answer:  They should have saved some money for the future.  They shouldn’t have wasted all that money.  The other thought that crossed my mind is that they should taken some of that money and spent it to go back to college and learn a trade that would allow them to make more money.  If I ever owned a business and all of the workers voted to join a union, I’d close down the business and send them all to the unemployment line.  Unions tend to be good for the lazy workers because they get paid the same as everyone else when they don’t perform as well as everyone else.  That’s exactly why liberals love the unions because they don’t have to do anything to get paid as much as everyone else.  Bottom line is that unions are part of the problem that is sending American jobs overseas and killing the manufacturing industry here in the US.