I’m certainly appalled at Democrat Politicians talking about the Occupy movement as the real tea party movement.  There are extreme differences between the 2

The real tea party gatherings ended in 0 arrests, 0 businesses impact, 0 garbage left afterwards, 0 rapes, 0 child molestations, 0 thefts, and 0 fights.  In fact, 2 hours after the tea party protests
you couldn’t tell there was a protest.  The Occupy movement has had plenty of all of this negative shit to go around in multiple cities.

What kind of people joined the Occupy movement?  Well I’ll update you on these people.  So far we have commie’s, socialist’s, nazi’s, liberals, rapists, child molesters, the homeless, idiots, morons, Kids that think all adults my age owe them a living so they don’t have to work, thief’s, drug addicts, anti-Semites, violent persons, and union thugs.  Most of these people haven’t showered in
days.  They are nasty, stinky, and haven’t a clue as to what to do with a comb yet they think they know how the world should work.  Remember some of these scumbags defecated on a police vehicle.
They are filthy scum of the earth kind of people who sees money changing hands on Wall Street and are pissed because none of it is coming their way.  I mean they say their upset at the bailouts
but they didn’t protest 3 years ago when they happened.  I think they couldn’t get there when the bailouts happened because they couldn’t put their crack pipes down long enough to protest.

What kind of people joined the tea party?  Outstanding citizens.  The people that make this country the great nation it is.  They have outstanding grooming skills and were clean people.  Hopefully, you’re seeing the extreme differences between the groups.  They did not occupy anything, they didn’t force restaurants to lose business, hell they did not stay but a few hours and picked up their trash and went home.  The tea party was criticized as not having many minorities in the group but then again, Democrats show their true racist colors when they refer to these individuals as Uncle Tom’s and race traitors just because they are not one with the liberal messiah.

Any questions about the two groups?