If you ever needed to know, this is what a Turd in the punch bowl looks like.  This is Michael Avery who is a law professor in Massachusettes who works at Suffolk University Law School.  Apparently, Michael has been educated beyond his abilities.  He’s supposed to be a constitutional law professor.  He may be book smart but he’s every bit the typical leftist idiot as the Occupy protestors are.  He actually sent out an email telling people that sending care packages to troops is shameful because the troops are over there killing people in another country.  Really Michael?  Do you believe they went over there because they wanted to or do you believe that the Commander-in-chief and congress told/ordered them to be there?  For a constitutional lawyer you sure are an idiot if you believe our troops went over there just because they needed to go get some kills in, that proves your an idiot and can’t be trusted to do a simple task to teach constititutional law.  Michael is part of the leftists that hate US troops.  I’m sure when our troops came home from Vietnam, B*tch Avery was out there spitting on them as they returned from war.

This is my problem with universities now days.  They hire turds like Michael and he sucks them dry while brainwashing the students into buying his views on society and politics instead of teaching them constitutional law.  I’m sure the universities pay him well for what little he’s able to bring to the table.  If Michael had any intelligence onboard, he’d be smart enough to know that the troops don’t make the wars.  They are told where to go and when to go.  The only thing shameful in all of this is Michael Avery.  I’m sure his parents are embarassed by him.  I mean look at his picture, he looks like someone that would parade around his house wearing women’s clothes and make up.  I’m sure his dad wanted a son and his mom wanted a daughter.  I guess mom got what she wanted.  If Michael wants to impress me, why don’t he just get it over with and specialize in Sharia law and go teach law in Afghanistan.  I’m sure he won’t live too long there before he’s begging them to bring him home.