This has got to be the most idiotic story I’ve read all year.  During a Physical Education Class a preteen girl kissed a preteen boy and it was reported as a sex crime.  Holy shit, it was just a kiss…probably just a peck on the cheek for god’s sake.  This story got me to thinking.  I know why they reported it as a sex crime.  If it had been 2 boys or 2 girls it would have been ok in today’s liberal ces’ poole’ called the school system, no cops would have been called.  Instead they’d have given them instruction kits for fisting instead and told to come in weekly to update them on what’s happened in the relationship in detail so the teacher could get off too.  (Ref:  Kevin Jennings, Obama’s safe school czar).  Hell there may not have been any repercussions if it had been a adult male and the preteen boy.

I think what they are attempting to do is criminalize boy/girl relationships.  The commie school system would have been much happier if they had a whole school full of gay students.  Personally, I’d be calling for the assistant principle Margaret Ann Harding and the Physical Education Teacher to resign right now if I lived near the school.  The cops showed up and then left after they found out the details of what had happened.  They currently are not investigating this anymore.  The school wasted the cops time by calling them into this.  I hope the parents go after someone over this because they need to make it clear this was unacceptable.