Does it really surprise anyone that the liberal messiah chose 4 drug dealers to pardon or commute their sentences?  In particular 3 of them were busted for dealing weed and one was busted for dealing cocaine.  Oh wait, isn’t that the 2 drugs that the liberal messiah admitted to using when he did drugs?  I mean isn’t that the liberal rallying cry?  Almost every liberal wants Marijuana and cocaine legalized and they think it’s a waste jailing people who deal and use these two drugs.  If liberals were smart they’d acknowledge how bad drug addiction is and how it prevents you from achieving any lifelong goals and how these drugs turn your life upside down.  These drugs have also been responsible for ruining relationships.  Most who use these two drugs spend all of their money to support their habit and hang out on their couch in their underwear instead of running out and doing something with their life.  Instead they run around in a mind numb state telling us that marijuana isn’t addicting but yet they’d do anything to get their hands on the stuff.  Including and not limited to selling drugs to support their habit and committing various crimes in the name of resupplying themselves with drugs to support their habit.  One of the reasons I’m not surprised is that liberals tell us that we should release all of the people jailed for selling and using drugs and we’d save money on their incarseration.  The one thing these morons refuse to acknowledge is how many kid’s died because of drugs.  These kids held a lot of promise in the future yet they were coerced into taking the drugs by people they thought were their friends.  I know when I was a kid the problem was the LSD stickers.  If you touched the sticker, it put the drugs into your system through your skin.  Lots of kids died from that.  Crystal Meth can turn a straight person into a bisexual person.  That’s probably why Meth seems to be a liberal favorite drug.