What did the government say when they imposed these security procedures on us.  I believe they said if you don’t like it, don’t fly.  Seems to me that the people have spoken.  They don’t like the procedures that were thrusted upon us.  I mentioned back when they talked about the new procedures that every sex criminal or wanttobe sex criminal would be running towards TSA because they can molest women and children and get paid for it.  Since then, they have busted some TSA agents who were child molesters and rapists.  What did anyone expect?  That we would continue to allow TSA to fondle us without any repercussions?  I’m sorry but most of the people who are trying to do harm to us are from the middle east so why is TSA fondling everyone else but them again?  Oh that’s right, someone in government thought we should be politically correct and not check middle eastern types.  That bullshit has cost us quite a bit of taxpayer money because instead of checking the people who should be checked, we are checking everyone else so we had to hire a whole lot of TSA agents to do this.  This policy explains quite a bit actually.  It explains exactly how the underwear bomber made it to Detroit where they attempted to blow their nuts off.

This whole clusterf*ck reminds me of a comic picture I saw in the paper when I was stationed in the Philippines.  The picture showed a pig running around while some dude cooked a dog.  It was a comic so no actual dogs were harmed.  Anyways, if you want a metaphore here the muslims are like the pig running around while the dogs (US Citizens) are getting cooked.