Chris Matthews is out there saying the thrill is gone.  He doesn’t feel the thrill going up and down his leg anymore.  He’s not the only one.  Democrats everywhere appear to slowly be coming to the realization that Obama is unelectable.  So the current Democrat strategy is to go out and try to tear down the other candidates to make them unelectable to.  They have been going after everyone except Mitt Romney.  I’ll tell you why, they feel if it comes down to Mitt and Obama that everyone will vote for Obama.  They are wrong.

I hate to say this but Mitt is not my first choice but if Mitt get’s the party’s nomination, I’ll vote for him grudgingly.  I don’t agree with Mitt’s stand on the Global Warming scam.  I don’t agree with government healthcare.  I have to sit back and tell myself at least he understands the economy and won’t be all bad.  Also the Republicans are taking the senate in 2012 so Congress can prevent him from executing any of his leftist ideas.  I’m just saying that Romney needs a branch of government to keep him in check.  Like I said, I’m less than thrilled to vote for Romney because of his liberal stance in some areas.  I’m sure he’s a pretty nice guy but he is a RINO.  He’s someone that would try to pass crap and tax.