In a WOW moment, Michael Bloomberg fired a shot over Obama’s bow today.  Bloomberg is right but he’s wrong.  Let me explain.  During the last elections, it was pointed out that Obama had zero CEO experience, he had zero politics experience, and he had zero people on his staff that did have CEO experience.  Most of his blowhards are all educators and career crooks.  So what happens when you put someone who’s got no CEO experience and ask them to show some leadership?  You get what we got right now.  An ineffective mid-level supervisor trying to act like the boss.  So you liberals elected someone without any qualifying experience in a leadership role and are befuddled when he doesn’t know how to show leadership.  It’s simply amazing how they think they can get away and act like they didn’t cause the problem.

A leader wouldn’t be jetsetting around the freakin world when he has to get a bill through.  A leader is in constant contact with his guys on the super comittee to find out what the status is 3 to 4 times a day.  He finds out who is refusing to do business and he calls that person in to greeae the cog and get everyone on the same page.  A leader doesn’t leave town when there is work to be done.   For that matter, a true leader doesn’t go play golf when there is important work to be done either.  You see a leader is there before everyone gets out of bed and leaves the office after everyone else has gone home when there is something important to be done.  Obama does not have what it takes to be a leader and he doesn’t have a clue what it takes either because he’s never had to be a leader.

So Michael Bloomberg is right, Obama’s leadership skills are non-existent but you knew that when you guys elected him.  So who should get the blame?  Everyone that elected him because you knew upfront his leadership skills were questionable yet you still voted for him like the sheep you are.  This applies every bit as much towards Mayor Bloomberg as it does to the voters themselves.  I personally can’t believe you guys expected a different outcome than what we got.  Next time, I hope you idiots will at least take the time to find out something about the candidates before you go to the polls.  Honestly, if you can’t be bothered to learn about who your giving your vote to, you may as well go home and don’t vote.  That works a hell of a lot better than a bunch of ignoramus’s going to the polls and blindly voting for whoever your friends told you to.