Meet Jesse Dimmick.  He’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and his looks reinforces it.  I honestly can’t believe this dumbass actually found a lawyer to argue his case.  This case proves that liberal judges and lawyers are ruining the court system.

Jesse broke into a couples house brandishing a knife and offered the couple an undisclosed amount of money to hide him from someone chasing him (Namely the police).  He did say the police could be looking to kill him.  Anyways, the couple (The Rowley’s) watched movies and made snacks for him until he fell asleep and they escaped the house and contacted the police.  Apparently, Jesse was shot by the police.  So now Jesse is sueing the Rowley’s $235,000 for breach of contract.  First and foremost, a legal contract cannot facilitate breaking the law.  Jesse’s contract with the Rowley’s broke the law because the little dipshit was being sought by the law and it’s illegal to harbor a fugative.  Secondly, the contract was reached under duress since Jesse made the contract while brandishing the knife.  Case closed!!!!  Jesse, the piece of crap, doesn’t have a case.  Legal contracts are not made under duress while the other person is holding a weapon.

This case stenches of out of control liberalism.  Out of control Liberalism is ruining the court system.  Cases like this should not even be considered once you review the facts.  The Rowley’s were right in leaving and calling the cops.  The liberal justice system lacks an ounce of common sense.  Under a liberal justice system, burglers can break your window and cut themselves breaking in and then turn around and sue you for their injury.  The criminal freely admits he was breaking into your house.  Yet he wins the decision and sues you for his injuries.  Is that really justice?  Liberal judges do not follow the letter of the law.  They judge a case by how it feels.  I’m sorry, he got hurt breaking the law why should I be held accountable for his injuries when his greed caused said injuries.  Other cases involve the criminal breaking into someone’s backyard and getting attacked by the person’s dogs.  They came back and sucessfully sued the home owner because there wasn’t a sign that said beware of dogs on the outside of the fence.  Never mind the fact that the person shouldn’t have been in your backyard to begin with without your presence there.