Dumbocrat Mayors are scrambling now because the Tea Party has found out that everything was provided for the Occupy derelicts for free while the tea party was charged for services.  These idiots should be ashamed of themselves for their actions.  First off, the tea party left each city is the same condition they found it in.  They didn’t crap on the streets, they didn’t leave a lot of litter all over the place, they didn’t have people camping in the parks, there were no guns, they didn’t go for days without showering, they didn’t gag everyone they came into contact with, there were no drugs, they didn’t leave syringes all over the place, they never tried to shut down any businesses, the police did not even have to force them to leave, and all of the police officers involved with the tea party security never had to use any type of force to enforce the laws.  Yet the tea party was charged lots of money to hold protests while the derelicts associated with the Occupy mobs got everything for free while they craped on the streets, They went for days w/o showering, left signs of heavy drug use, some had guns, they completely ruined a park and had to be removed so they could clean the park up from their nastiness, the police departments had to work overtime to enforce laws that the derelicts kept breaking, attempted to shut down businesses, etc.

I believe those mayors should be sued.  Apparently the prices they charged the tea party was unjust considering the city didn’t have to expend near the money to manage them as they spent for the Occupy thugs.  The only difference is that the mayors supported the thugs and was less than thrilled to host the tea party.  I sincerely hope the other politicians in these cities get together and force a level playing field when it comes to situations like this.  If the occupy derelicts get everything for free then why shouldn’t the tea party get it for free too.  Why does this have to come down to liberal bipartianship?  Both groups should be treated equal.  Like I’ve said before, if you look at the decisions that liberals make and run it through a common sense filter most of the time they come up short because liberalism isn’t about common sense nor is it about fairness.  Some liberals run around using some study done by a liberal about the conservative mind being flawed but here’s some common sense for you.  If 17% of the US population is liberal and 47% are conservative in thinking, the 17% are the ones with flawed minds because might makes right.  The everyday norm is conservative so go stuff that in your crack pipe and smoke it.