Ron Paul has a snowball’s chance in hell to win the election because his numbers are inflated because liberals are taking a page out of Rush Limbaugh’s play book called operation chaos.  Why would they do that?  Because Ron Paul is the nutty professor who they feel that the annointed one can beat.  What makes me laugh even more, Ron Paul and his supporters are delusional.  They believe they will have all the same votes for the general election and that’s simply not true.  All of the liberal messiah’s voters will vote for him in the general election.  Without the liberal vote for Ron Paul, he would have lost big time to Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul’s goofy supporters are ignorant of his racist comments in his newsletters and they don’t have a clue about Ron Paul’s activities as it pertains to pork barrel spending.

Ron Paul’s pork barrel spending:

Ron Paul’s racist comments in his newsletters:

Even if you take Ron Paul at his word that he didn’t write the racist articles, he allowed those articles to be written while he didn’t bother to read them for 10 years.  Is that the kind of leadership you people think your getting?  If someone else was writing articles in MY newsletter baring my name, I’d make sure what’s in them before I allowed someone else to write the articles.  This provoes Ron Paul is an idiot!

Ron Paul supporters are completely ignorant of his games as it pertains to his pork spending.  Ron Paul puts his pork in spending bills that he knows will pass then votes against it.  Is that really leadership?  It tells me how completely gullable his merry band of nim wits, dim wits, and nit wits are.  Only in Ron Paulville is this considered the actions of a strict constitutionalist.  Additionally Ron Paul’s foreign policy is a disaster waiting to happen.  Most 6th graders can come up with a more coherent foreign policy than he has.

Ron Paul supporters aren’t very bright when they go out and tell us he’s a libratarian.  The above actions do not add up to the hype.