Here is the real story:–punched-Jesse-Ventura-bad-mouthed-troops.html?ITO=1490

Honestly if this story is true then Jesse needs to remove Navy Seal from his official introduction because he’s not worthy of the title.  Also he doesn’t deserve to say he was in the military or armed forces.  This story kind of reinforces what I already knew.  Former soliders turned partisan Democrat politicians are no longer soldiers because a true blue patriot would never do what Jesse did in a million years.

Jesse was invited to speak at a Navy Seal graduation and he dropped by a popular navy seal hangout.  There was 2 wakes going on for two Navy Seals who were killed in action.  This basically means that both of these navy seals families were present while all of this was going on.  Jesse began flapping his gums about how he didn’t support the war, damned George Bush, etc.  Just add your favorite liberal rants here and chances are it sets the tone.  Chris Kyle approached Jesse and asked him politely to tone down the attitude and then Jesse began doubling down on it.  That was a huge mistake in itself.  Jesse began referring to the seals as murderers and told them they deserved to lose a few guys and that’s when Chris Kyle popped Ventura in the chin which knocked him on his ass.  If the facts presented are accurate, I probably would have knocked him on his ass too because he deserved it 100%.

Jesse Ventura knows damn well what the oath of enlistment consists of.  Soldiers don’t have the convienence of choosing which wars we fight.  We go where we’re told to go whether it be Afghanistan or Iraq.  If you refuse, you get an article 15 punishment and if you still refuse, you are given a bad conduct discharge which prevents you from landing any good jobs.  Jesse forgot all about the rules for being a solider when he got his liberal brainwashing done as he entered politics.

As for the guy who knocked Jesse on his ass, former Navy Seal Chris Kyle, He has 100% of my respect as he claims the title of deadliest sniper.  he has over 255 confirmed kills.  If all of these facts are 100% true, Jesse earned my scorn!!

If Jesse wishes to post his side of the story, just email me and I’ll give you rights so you can put your side of the story up.  That way he’ll know I haven’t messed with his words.  I like to be fair here.