The way I see this is the Muslim organizations speaking out about this won’t speak out against terrorism but they are willing to bitch, moan, and groan about some soldiers taking a piss on Taliban fighters and mocking them by telling them to have a nice day buddy.  I have a hard time giving a shit about this.  In fact, I’m jealous cause I think I would like to take a piss on them too.  Honestly, It was my idea to have a pre-bomb that would shower everyone in pigs blood before the real bomb came down and took all of the Taliban and Al Quaida fighters out.  According to Muslims, if their body touches any part of a pig, they will be denied their virgins.  Honestly, if we’d done that, there wouldn’t be any Taliban or Al Quaida fighters around anywhere because they wouldn’t want to go that way.

Those same organizations are pretty damn quiet when they cut off the head of one of our soldiers.  They are quiet when our soldiers are totured.  Each and every member of those Muslim organizations can kiss every inch of my big fat ass.  The only thing that bothers me is that the soldiers took the time to videotape it.  You never take video evidence that can be used against you later.  Those same organizations are very quiet when the Tabliban are out there doing anything immoral and they deserved to feel some heat from it.