I told you people once before that Obama hates the troops and the liberal idiots were telling me I had it wrong.  Did I?


How come everything I tell the liberals through this blog they refuse to accept that I’m right and they are wrong?  It’s true, it’s damn true.  The men and women in the middle east are fighting a war and our commander-in-chief acted like a little bitch when asked to take some pictures with the troops.  He was probably pissed because the trip interupted his golf and basketball game.  There is your liberal messiah.  This is the idiot you people said could lead the country.  As I sit here, I’ve seen my dogs show more leadership qualities than the liberal messiah has.  That’s beside the point, you Obama supporters elected a jackass to run the country.  One that doesn’t have any time to spend with the people he’s sending into a freaking war zone.  I think our men and women deserve someone better than that.  Our president is a bad joke as commander-in-chief and a bad joke on foreign policy.