You people love to vote for losers don’t you?  You did it with Barack Huisane Obama and now your doing it with Mitt Romney.  There is not a hell of a lot of a difference between Obama and Mitt.  In fact Mitt will probably promise to lower the oceans to because he believes in that Liberal Fairytale called Man-made global warming too.  You people really have no clue how freakin’ dangerous it is to get Mitt into office but I’ve got a feeeling your willing to find out just like you didn’t listen to me last election cycle.  There is so much going on with the United Nations right now when it comes to people wanting to freakin’ tax your ass for CO2 emissions.  The communists at the UN want to establish Earth Court.  They intend to prosecute countries for their CO2 emissions and fine them.  Apparently now, the UN believes they weild more power than the US and of course your voting a sucker in to fall for that bullshit line.  Also the UN is out there saying that there is no such thing as a FOIA request when it comes to scientific data for man-made global warming.  We’re just supposed to take their word for it.  How many times have climate deniers found their data to be totally wrong?  But you are willing to give the UN Cart Blanche over your money and your rights?  I don’t think so.  I have double birdies for the UN communists.

Do you honestly believe Mitt is going to go after Obama like he’s going after Newt?  I’ll guarantee you it’ll look like McCain going after the liberal messiah.  McCain didn’t go after Obama, it’s almost like McCain wanted to lose.  Personally we need someone to be knee deep in Obama’s butt exposing the lowsey job he’s done while in office.  Unless of course you love paying higher prices for everything you need to live all while the dumbass tells you there’s been no change in the cost of living.

Mitt Romney isn’t a real Republican, he’s a Republican In Name Only.  He’s going to take this country to the same places Obama is except he’s going to do it slower.  Why would you trade in Obama for Obama Lite?  It’s true Mitt said he’s going to get rid of Obamacare but did you know that he implements Romneycare when he was Governor of Mass?  So your trading one bad bill for another one.

Apparently, America has decided not to learn about who they are voting for, don’t educate yourself on the Candidates, etc.  It worked real well last election didn’t it?