With all of their outrage over what Rush Limbaugh says about the subject, liberals still miss the point.  The fact Sandra is or isn’t a whore isn’t the issue.  The issue is Sandra made a lifestyle choice and wants taxpayers to foot the bill for it.  Don’t try to feed me the bullshit that it’s our responsibility to make sure she doesn’t procreate because it isn’t.  Contraception is and will always be a personal responsibility.  Truely the best way to screw up everything is to bring the government into a personal responsibility.  a.  To do so means you lose a little freedom  b.  The government couldn’t run anything right so what makes you think they will do this right?  Remember the government was the ones that let the Fruit of Kaboom bomber on that flight when the guys own father brought him to the US government’s attention.  If you honestly think the government is all that and a bag of popcorn, go to the nearest gas station and look at the prices.

Sandra has many choices.  a.  She could find boyfriends with jobs that can afford a condom and/or birth control pills.  b.  She can write to the health department and they will send her condoms.  c.  She can shut her legs until her boyfriend buys condoms or writes the health department.  d.  She can visit the local health department and get them.  e.  Her boyfriend can visit the local health department.  Sandra made a decision to have sex and wants the public to pay for her birth control.  My lifestyle decision is to smoke.  If you think it’s ok for her to ask tax payers to fund her lifestyle then it would be ok for the taxpayers to buy my cigarettes for me right?

All of the outrage of Rush is ignoring the simple question; Why is it my responsibility to pay for her contraception?  Clearly, I’m not having sex with her.