Hanoi Jane seems to think she’s still revelent.  Let me explain something so an idiot like Hanoi Jane can understand.  Nobody cares what you think or what you want.  For the record, you’ve done far worse than what Rush Limbaugh can ever do.  Sure Rush and everyone else is outraged that politicians and idiots like you expect the public to pay for other people’s birth control.  Seriously, have you ever heard the phrase “Pay to play?”  If your going to live that kind of lifestyle, you should expect to pay for your own birth control unless of course you’re having your body declared public property.  This should show everyone what a bunch of hypocrites the left is.  Hanoi Jane’s career should have ended back in the 60’s and 70’s when she was flying to Hanoi to betray her country.  Her career survived now she has the audacity to demand that Rush Limbaugh get fired because he called Fluke a whore?  Really?  She puts her sex life out in public at a congressional hearing and says she’s having sex 5 times a day and she’s going broke paying for her birth control yet Rush comes under fire for calling it like he sees it?  Hanoi Jane lives in a liberal world where everyone has free speech except Republicans.  When’s the last time Hanoi Jane listened to Bill Mahr or David Letterman?  David Letterman said some really nasty stuff about Sarah Palin and her Daughter, yet Rush is the only person she demands be fired.  Hanoi Jane will be quick to tell you that Bill Mahr and David Letterman are entertainers but isn’t that what the left calls Rush Limbaugh to marginalize him?   The left is too dumb to understand they can’t have it both ways.

What Rush said falls under free speech.  The left reminded us of that when they all rushed out to defend Westboro Baptist Church’s protests at the graves of soldiers killed in the line of duty.  Westboro Baptist church is a collection of trailor trash, idiots, and dirtbags who should thank god that breathing doesn’t take intelligence.  What was the phrase they used….free speech isn’t resigned to just speech that we agree with it includes offensive speech too.  So someone explain to me why a bunch of inbred’s (Westboro Baptist Church) have more of a right to free speech than Rush Limbaugh?  Oh, that’s right.  What was I thinking?  Westboro Baptish Church followers are Democrats.  They are allowed to say anything they want because they aren’t Republican.

At the end of the day folks, Rush Limbaugh has just as much rights to free speech as Democrats.  Why should Rush be held to higher standard than Bill Mahr or David Letterman?