Eric Holder is accusing the state of Texas of attempting to disenfranchise Democrat voters.  Do you really know who the main culprit is that disenfranchises voters all of the time?  It’s the Demoncrats.  Military personnel have to vote via absentee vote and guess who has all of those thrown out that they can?  The Demoncrats, that’s who.  So Demoncrats aren’t worried about military votes being thrown away, they are upset because the hispanic vote may not be there for the liberal messiah.  Military absentee votes are thrown out due to circumstances beyond their control.  Sometimes the military postal service doesn’t apply a date stamp on the ballots and they get thrown out simply because they can’t prove when it got mailed.  Apparently poor Demoncrats can’t afford a driver’s liscense or a State ID.  Who knew?  Didn’t the liberal messiah tell us the economy is bouncing back?

This will hurt the Deomoncrats but not how they are pretending it will.  It will hurt them because it tightens the noose around voter fraud.  If they can’t get the fraudelent vote then how will Obama ever win re-election?  How in the world can it be ok to ask me for id to get cold medicine and not ok to ask me for a driver’s liscense to vote?  Another argument is that I’ve never seen a poor hispanic who didn’t buy alcohol so apparently they do have picture id’s otherwise they wouldn’t have a way to buy alcohol.  Don’t listen to Eric Holder’s Bullshit arguments.  Eric couldn’t tell the truth if he personally notorized his own tongue.