Did you know Obuminator is being impreached?  I know what your thinking, for what?  Obama failed to get an Ok from Congress to send troops to Libya.  Instead he granted himself the power to send troops to war which violates the United States constitution.  You know that document that liberals swear is outdated and needs to be rewritten to tell the government what it can do to people.  I know what some liberals are thinking, what if he didn’t know what he did was illegal?    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9dduPshTu4  This video shows Obama telling Bush that he needs congressional approval to start a war with Iran.  Why wouldn’t he feel that this applies to him?  Because he’s a narcissist and believes because he’s president that the rule of law does not apply to him even though when he swore in, he swore to uphold the constitution.  In other words it meant that he’d abide by the constitution during his time in office.  He’d follow it to the letter, which clearly he hasn’t done in more than one case.

I guarandamntee you Obama believes because Libya was a UN sponsored war that he felt he didn’t have to have congressional approval.  You have to understand that one of Obamination’s earliest supporters (George Soros) wants a world government instead of having a government at the head of every country out there.  To Obama and George Soros, that’s what the UN means to them.  It’s a world governing body that they feel overrides our congress and makes them irrevelent.  So in Obummer’s mind, he didn’t need congressional approval.

Don’t hold your breath though cause I’m reserved whether or not congress has the jalopena’s to take Obama to task.  I’m sitting back and watching to see how this plays out.  Does it mean that they will impeach Obama and allow him to finish his term?  If so, does this mean that he’ll be unable to run for the 2012 election? or does this mean that Democrats will have to run new contenders through the ringer to find a new nominee before November?  I’m sure all this will be convered in the coming months.  Another thing, it’s not just the Republicans that wants the liberal messiah’s head on a stick.  That goof Dennis Kasinich also is talking impeachment.

The media has not covered this event like they should have.  The media is giving Obama cover.  The only time the media will bring this up is if they believe the Dumbocrat will get off.