The more I think about this the more it pisses me off.  Everytime the government wrecklessly spends money and gets the country in a bind, who’s always told they have to take on the chin for the country.  Hint:  It’s not the people who caused the problem, it’s old people and military veterans.  Congressman and Congresswomen never are expected to sacrifice a damn thing.  In fact, when military veterans are asked to sacrifice, congress gets a pay raise and gets more benefits.  It hardly seems fair.  A military retiree probably puts more hours working than congress but gets paid less money than congress upon retirement.  A congressman makes $60,000 a year in retirement where a E-6 who was in for 20 years only sees $15,000 a year.  Congress doesn’t put near as many hours in as a military retiree did in their 20 years.

I think to be fair in the sacrifices, Congress should cut their retirement/benefits for a change because after all they created the problem.  I don’t think I’m the only person who holds this opinion.  Congress feels their contributions are a lot more than a military retiree.  Why else would they be attempting to screw retirees by taking away their tricare insurance away and forcing them onto a plan that the dumbasses in Congress feels is beneath them to be on.  Why else would they vote to keep their health insurance and not the military retirees insurance?

I have no doubt these arrogants bastards feel they earned their retirement while a military retiree didn’t because THEY ran the country (Into the ground).  Gas is almost working it’s way to 5 bucks a gallon.  Honestly, it appears to me they did a real crappy job running the country if gas is that high.