The truth has finally come out and the lies are exposed.  The liberal messiah can’t seem to tell the truth if FE Baily notarized his tongue.  My only question is was Bart a useful idiot or was there a wink and a handshake in there when he signed off on Obamacare.  What has been exposed?  Not only are we paying for birth control but now we are all paying for abortions too.  Why?  I didn’t knock the skank up so why in the hell am I responsible for paying for her abortion?  It defies all logic.  We were all led to believe that all women interested in abortion would fund their own abortion by paying for it.  All of this while Demoncrats want the right to tell guys who have Erectile Dysfunction what they have to do to get viagra from a doctor.  That b*tch protests that we can’t legislate the female body but believes it’s perfectly acceptable to legislate the male body.  It is a liberal double standard and it’s got to end.

I still maintain that if Obamacare is so good, the dumbasses that voted for it would want to be on it and not elect themselves out of it.  Obamacare is so good not even the unions wanted anything to do with it.  Demoncrats should be reminded that people wanted people that couldn’t afford healthcare on the program.  NEVER once did we say everyone wanted to be on it.  The communists (The Demoncrat Party) have always wanted single payer healthcare and when they discovered they couldn’t force that upon the American people, they pulled out the current bullshit bill and made deals to get people to vote for it.  That’s another thorn in my side.  If the bill was so damn good, why did they have to try to so hard to get people to vote for it?