This is so rare that it almost never happens.  Liberal Democrat women don’t normally care what Democrat men say about anyone but the environment has definitely been supercharged lately with the fact that the Democrats rolled out Sandra Fluke.  Sandra Fluke is a college student who went to testify to congress saying she spent almost the entire summer’s salary to pay for contraception.  She’s appealing to the scumbags on capitol hill so the taxpayers and can buy her contraception through Obamacare.  Rush Limbaugh chose some of the many articles done by media on this and he called her a whore.  The leftists were all up in arms about this and began calling for Rush to be pulled off the air.  Instead of Rush being in hot water, it’s Bill Mahr.  Bill Mahr has called Sarah Palin the C-word and has dragged Palin’s kids into some of his political hate speech.  Bill Mahr must have been all drugged out when his messiah said that politician’s family members should be excluded from political scorn.

On PMSNBC Russert was filling in and had Eddie Rendell and Bill Burton on.  Apparently, liberal women are demanding that Bill Burton, in charge of Obama’s superpac, return the one million dollars that Bill Mahr gave them.  Liberal men/bloggers have said a lot of nasty derogatory stuff about women and finally these women have noticed the liberal hypocracy out there and have had enough.  They got away with it for many years because these women felt that the liberal men have stood up for womens rights and abortion.  Also they are on the same side of the arguement and they always got a pass.

I think this is good that Liberal Democrat women have finally opened their eyes to see what’s been going on and that liberal men don’t deserve a pass on the nasty, bitter, and devisive things they say about women.  This is one issue that I will support the liberal ladies out there and say that Bill Burton should give the million dollars back.  In fact, you know it’s bad when they send David Axcelrod out there to claim that there is a difference between Rush salling Sandra Fluke a whore and Bill Mahr calling Sarah Palin the C-word.  David Axelrod had no merits in his claims but he made them anyways.  First off, Rush is not the head of the Republican party, I don’t give a damn how many times he goes out there and tries to make it a argument; it doesn’t work.  Rush is a talk show host end of story.  Bill Mahr is just a TV talk show host.  Bill Mahr is said a lot of bad things about women and has NEVER EVER been called on it.  Liberal men have always talked the talk but always have problems walking the walk.

It’s my hope that liberal women don’t continue to close their eyes to this stuff.  If we are lucky, they will keep seeing this same hypocracy play over and over and decide they’ve had enough of it.  There are a lot of Republican men that support women’s rights and are pro-choice on the abortion issue.  I’m pro-choice BUT I do not feel like I should be responsible for paying for someone who didn’t have the common sense to use contraceptiv’s abortion.  When it comes to that, you are on your own.  Abortion is no substitute for contraception.  You also have to remember that I was in a chat room on Senator Cornyn’s site and a liberal female told me I didn’t support abortion and my reply was in your case I do.  It’s like deer hunting, it’s a step used to control the population.  I was called mean spirited.  LMFAO.