Honestly, when I heard Obama say those words, I almost spit my drink across the room.  First off, he’s got to win the election first and with gas prices on a upward trend and his reluctance to do anything to eliviate the problem, nobody in their right mind is going to vote for him unless they are idiots.  Also as gas prices rise so do grocery store prices, funny how that works out.  Let me give you a hint, he’s going to have to do more than go out there and tell them about our record drilling stories.  People are going to want to see 2.50 a gallon gas prices.  People are already hurting because they have to buy high priced gas and high priced groceries.  Obama’s policies are already hurting the middle class so imagine what it’s doing to the poor and unemployed?  He keeps telling us how the economy is doing fine yet we are paying out the nose for gas and groceries every week.

If Obama wins the election with 41% approval, I think we need to look for some serious voter fraud.  We are at the point where it’s common knowledge Obama is in over his head.  I seem to recall dumbocrats saying he’s perfect because he’s not a career politician.  I’m betting smart voters don’t believe that.  I had a good laugh at him thinking he’s got this election already won before anyone casts the first vote.  It’s sort of like going to karaoke at a bar.  The worst singers really don’t know how bad they are doing.  That’s how I see Obama this election in that he really is clueless about how bad he’s doing as president.  I guess he’s about to find out how bad he’s doing when America tells him he’s fired!