Spike Lee has class; too bad it’s all low class.  Spike Lee gave out the wrong address for George Zimmerman.  Instead of giving out the real address for George Zimmerman, he gave his thugs the address of an elderly couple who had to move out of their house because of the death threats.  The couple had a son who used to live with them same name absolutely no relation.  The threats were so bad the elderly couple had to move out of their house and into a hotel room.  Spike knows this yet he refuses to apologize to the elderly couple.  In fact, if Spike had an ounce of class he’d pay for the couples hotel, retweet and call off his thugs, and overall try to fix the problems he created but Spike is too damn arrogant to feel bad for his incompetence.  I personally won’t purchase anything Spike is involved with.

The problem is that Spike tweeted it and some of his followers have retweeted it.  Technically what Spike Lee has done should be considered a hate crime or terrorism.  Hey maybe the authorities can send him to Club GITMO?  The couple should definitely seek a lawyer and file a lawsuit to make Spike Lee do the right thing instead relying on his integrity.  I’ve covered this numerous times, leftists don’t possess an ounce of integrity.