Democrats voted down Obama’s budget unanimously.  Not one Democrat voted for Obama’s budget because it was ineffective at paying down the national debt.

Democrats voted down Obama’s request to tax the oil companies more.  It shows me that Obama is oblivious to the fact he’s attempting to hurt his chances at re-election.  I’ll guarantee you if gas prices reach $5 a gallon he can kiss his own ass goodbye because the American people will boot him out of the white house faster than you can say boo.  Most of the price you pay at the pump goes to the government and NOT the oil company.  The Oil company has to pay salaries, transportation, and refining costs out of what money they get out of the sale of a gallon of gas.  They may have 2 or 3 cents profit afterwards.

You have to understand, the government does not have a revenue problem they have a spending problem.  The budget should cut spending to non essential crap like family planning for a year or two, the entitiy formally known as ACORN shouldn’t be getting any tax money,  tax dollars given to unions should be cut, and there are plenty of other spending that should disappear to pay for our debt.  Obama’s only solution appears to be to screw veterans and old people.  They are also in favor of sending troops into battle without the proper gear.  They use the money they screwed people out of to fund earmarks and other wasteful spending.  Democrats want to do anything but cut spending to pay for our debt and that is the wrong thing to do.  If I were president, I’d cut everything to pay off our debt and get us back to a surplus then place limits on earmarks, special interest items to non profit organizations, and other wasteful spending.  I’d put an end to tax dollars going to prop up unions and make them live within their means.