Unions have outlived their usefullness a long time ago.  Today’s unions represent themselves and their power more than they represent their workers.  Liberals claim I’m against workers getting a fair wage but that’s not true.  Look at Wisconsin, the unions there are upset because they’ve lost some power.  Look at the UAW, they were so corrupt that they kept making demands until the workers were getting $75 an hour worth of pay and benefits.  They raped GM to the point it was in financial ruins.  I’ll assure you $75 an hour isn’t a fair wage.

Didn’t the union’s liberal messiah say family was off limits?  I guess the union bosses are so ignorant they didn’t get the message.  Governor Walker’s family is being harrased.  Govenor Walker took over the job after Demoncrats bankrupted the state by giving the unions everything they asked for.  Governor Walker comes in and tries to run the state responsbly for a change and the unions start harassing his family.  I have a special messages for the unions:


Then again, they probably don’t understand simple f’ing math.  Unions aren’t fighting for their workers…they are fighting for their power.  Absolutely power corrupts absolutely!!!  I’ll borrow some words from a famous dumbocrat.  My advice to the unions is go to the corner and die quietly!!!!  Unions spend billions of dollars on elections and beg the state to give them taxpayers money to bail them out.  They need to start running their unions responsibly….then again, that’s why they are demoncrats.  They are clueless what it means to do anything responsibly and when you ask them about it they have this false sense of entitlement when it comes to taxpayers money.

Taking power away from unions is like denying a drunk a drink because they were drunk on the power they wielded when dumbocrats ran the state into the ground.  I think the right thing to do is to make Wisconsin a right to work state or at least threaten to if they keep harrassing Governor Walker’s family.  That basically means the workers have the right to work and they can refuse union membership and not be forced to pay the union dues.  If the union thinks it’s getting screwed now….wait and see how loud they’d yell and scream if that is passed.  That bill would deny them almost all of the power they have and send union membership through the floor.  My dad was a union man and I seen what kind of riff raff rises to the top in a union.  He had a union thug threaten to pull his gun on him.  Unions have become corrupt entities that no longer represent the men and women that pay their dues.  In fact, they can’t even pay for retirements because of their political activities.  If union bosses keep harrassing Governor Walker’s family then he should pass a bill eliminating the state worker’s union until they learn about the word demoncrats use all of the time when they’ve found their tactics being used on them.  They usually go out and preach civility.  Civility is a two way street and they should be penalized until they get it through their thick skulls, they need to be dismantled.