Apparently, I’m heartless.  I can deal with that.  Last time I checked, I’m not responsible for anyone other than my family and I don’t have any bastards running around…I’ll assure you of that!  I remember a time not that long ago that family stuck together and when one of our own got sick, the family took care of them.  We didn’t send our old off to “rest homes.”  If one of us got laid off the family banded together during tight times and took care of each other.  Now days, family doesn’t mean what it used to anymore because of liberal social programs.  Back then, we had 3 groups that helped us through the good and bad times.  We had our relatives, we had the church, and we had our friends.  Liberals got into office and decided to decay all three of those support groups because they felt government can do better than all 3 of those but it can’t.

I’m not exactly sure why I should support anyone that I don’t know and why should I?  I’m sure there is a dumbass de-balled male out there going because it will make you feel good about yourself.  Truth is, I feel damn good about myself as it is.  I’ve raised 2 kids who are both professionals.  They don’t work at burger king or mcdonald’s.  One is a school teacher and one is a lawyer.  Why should I support some lazy ass who refuses to go to work and pay his or her fair share of taxes?  The same dumbass de-balled male is out there saying “Well Mither Walker, your already paying for those people to get by.”  Yes and I blame castrated politicians and males for that.  I know people who could work but won’t because welfare pays them not to work.  The closest thing those people do for a living is prostitute themselves out so they can pay for their extensive drug habit and use welfare to pay their bills and groceries.  That is absolutely one of the reason’s they should have to pass drug tests to get their welfare checks.  I have to take one randomly at work so why should they be spared any humilliation?  In fact when I have to take a drug test, it’s not like one of those deals where I go into a room by myself and fill up the cup.  I walk in and there is someone there to watch the fluid leave my body and into the cup.  I can’t be bothered to feel sorry for anyone that is forced to take a drug tests to get their freebies.