Liberals exude hypocracy constantly.  For those of us who have been watching, we know that Obama going to a racist church and spending lots of time with a racist pastor isn’t a big deal but Mitt Romney playing a prank on someone who might have been gay is a big deal….not sure there is any evidence to support this as this person has passed on.  Pranks aren’t you pulled at 20 years old aren’t exactly indicating of anything because everyone changes between that time and when you hit your mid 50’s early 60’s.  Some people were bullies at 20 but at 50, they realized that was wrong.  So the liberal media is doing the best they can do to ignore Obama’s past.  My only question is if the media has their head up their own ass or is it neck deep into Obama’s?  I’m just saying.  My other thought is between the two, racism is always worse than a prank.  Racism is wrong and it doesn’t matter what race the person is who is doing it.

Even Louis Farrakhan is racist but this is also accepted by liberals.

Anyways, I’m not buying the bullshit.  Mitt Romney playing a prank on someone who may have been gay isn’t enough to keep me from voting for Mitt Romney.