I’d be pissed if this was my son because the kid is there to learn while this b*tch is lying to him.  First off, saying you can’t talk bad about the president can get you arrested is false.  You cross the line if you are threatening him.  The teacher is ignorant because liberals everywhere talked bad about Bush and did not go to jail because they have free speech rights.  As far as I can tell this Jr. High student should be teaching the class because the teacher isn’t capable of teaching.  See the video here of just how ignorant this teacher is and how childish she is acting.


There is no doubt that the teacher should be fired because of her conduct.  She crossed the line once she refused to have a civil conversation.  In fact, didn’t her liberal messiah say we should be civil?  Does this b*tch sound civil?  The teacher is your average liberal who has to lie because she can’t control the sheep unless she does.