So after the media went out and attempted to try this case in public opinion, they have gotten themselves beatdown so bad even Lawyers are telling the prosecution to drop the case.  Some in the media believe Trayvon was murdered but the evidence points to Zimmerman’s side of the story.  Prosecution was trying to say Trayvon was shot at medium range while the evidence suggests that he was shot close range which is in line with Zimmerman’s story.  Also autopsy has shown that Trayvon’s knuckles were bruised…consistent with Zommerman’s story.  They found drugs in Trayvon’s system.  Trayvon was a drug addict which fueled his contribution to his own death.  The truth is that Trayvon was out there trying to act like a gangster and it got him the same place all gangsters find themselves…..on the business end of a gun.

I’m not saying that Zimmerman didn’t contribute to Trayvon’s death.  Zimmerman shouldn’t have got out of his vehicle.  That’s Zimmerman’s only contribution to Trayvon’s death.  Disobeying a 911 operator isn’t exactly a punishable offense.  A 911 operator does not have legal authority to give orders so Zimmerman didn’t break any law by getting out of his vehicle.  We can debate this point all night long but the bottom line is that Zimmerman’s story is correct and everyone else’s story is total and complete bullshit.  Once Trayvon attacked Zimmerman it wasn’t going to end without someone going to the mortuary.

I’m actually surprised the case has not been dropped yet.  Apparently they intend to pursue this case even though the evidence does not help their case.  They cannot even use the fact that the 911 operator told Zimmerman to stay inside of his truck because the 911 operator does not have that authority.  So if you are keeping score, assault is against the law.  Trayvon shouldn’t have assaulted Zimmerman.  Trayvon broke the law and paid for it with his life.  Sure it’s a trajedy but it’s not the worst thing that has ever happened.  It is not worthy of all of the media attention while Obama is handing over the keys to the white house to the United Nations.