I’m not sure exactly what the major malfunction is over this law.  I think it is a good law.  It tells the Muslim community, I don’t care what Sharia law says because you are in the US now and we use US laws.  I’ve touched on this many times because I don’t give a shit what Sharia says, honor killings are against the law here in the US.  If you want the right to kill your kids, then take your ass back to the middle east.  There is no discussion here because it’s black and white.  You murdered someone, you go to Jail unless you can prove it was self defense.  By immigrating to the US, you are saying you don’t want Sharia law in the first place.  Any judge that would remotely consider Sharia law should be literally yanked off the bench.  He or she is there to administer United States of America Law.

Before you start sending me email, the US constitution says they have a right to freedom of religion.  What it does not say is that you have a right to your religious laws that violate US law.  Muslims are allowed to have multiple wives, here in the US that is against the law.  There is no other country in the world that considers laws from other countries before making a judgement.  In fact, if you are in a muslim country and are female, you are required to wear the head dress.  If you refuse, you can be arrested or they can justify if a group of guys brutally rape you because you weren’t wearing your head garb.  Authorities won’t do anything at all to help you.  Ain’t that just soooo tolerant?  Why should we consider their laws when our laws aren’t considered in their country.

Which brings me to mention that Liberals and those that hate America are playing with fire when they support such bullshit.  First, you are an idiot if you think Sharia law is tolerant when it comes Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, Gay, and Transgenered people then you had better guess again.  In Sharia law they kill you by stoning you for such stuff.  Hell they may even torture you before they give you the satisfaction of dying.  So if you support the LBGT community then you should be anti-Sharia law.  Lesbians, they would probably make you pull the train 30 days before they stone you.  In case your wondering, that means they’d probably gang rape you constantly until they are ready to kill you.

The United States legal system is supposed to be fair and balanced.  How fair and balanced would it be if a muslim commited a crime and got 6 months because of Sharia law and a US citizen commited the same offense and get 2 years?  If we allow for other countries laws where does it end?  If someone immigrated from Amsterdam and got busted with a bag of weed are we suppose to ignore it since it is legal in his country?  I’m not anti-muslim but I am anti-Sharia law because it contradicts US law.  When you move to another country, you are supposed to abide by the laws of that country…not the laws from the country you came from.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington denounced the Kansas law and said it is considering legal action.  Ibrahim Hooper said legislators have often referred to sharia law in supporting such legislation, but he said they take the word out of the bill to stave off legal challenges. The Kansas bill does not mention sharia.  Exactly what is your point Hooper?  Just because some dumbass judges consult Sharia law doesn’t mean all of them have to.  If you don’t like living under US laws then pack your bags my friend.  Go some place you can live under Sharia law because most people think this whole controvery is bullshit.  Allowing muslims to have Sharia law violates the constitution because all defendants are supposed to be treated equally.