I want to know since when has it become the goddamn government’s job to try to make people lose weight?  Never, that was never a power granted to the state.  That hasn’t stopped Mayor Dumbberg (Bloomberg) from wanting to pass legislation that would outlaw 16 ounce drinks which would include gatoraide.  Since when has it been constitutionally correct to dictate what people can consume other than illegal drugs?  It is not the state’s responsibility to wage war on 16 oz sugary drinks.  Why don’t you try fixing unemployment?  Fix your spending problems?  These issues should have a way higher priority than worrying about what people consume.

Weight loss is a personal issue.  Unless the person wants to lose weight, banning 16 OZ drinks isn’t going to do a damn thing.  Only a complete moron like Dumbberg would think that this will fix the problem.  You are only going to make the problem worse because I will guarantee you that NY residents will buy more of the smaller oz drinks and instead of having the 16 oz drinks they will consume 24 oz worth of drinks or they will merely buy the smaller sized drink and get 3 refills.

This is always the problem with liberal policies, they fail to achieve their goal and then some dumbass like dumbberg will come out and announce at least I tried and I had good intentions.  The ending is always the same…lookup information on prohibition.  That says all you really need to know about liberals and their policies.  Yes, I know Bloombeg is a Independent but if he’d been honest, he’d have ran as a liberal because that’s where his policies are.

Liberals believe the government needs to step in and MAKE the population lose weight.  That is unconstitutional as Obamacare but that didn’t stop your liberal messiah.  Just the knowledge that it was unconstitutional made it par for the course.  Weight loss is a individual responsibility and requires a hell of a lot more from individuals than to stop drinking 16 oz drinks.  A weight loss program requires a diet and exercise and you can’t legislate those either.  Liberals also love to mention that obese people make prices for medical care go up.  Next time you go to the doctor, make a note of what most of the people are there for.  I guarantee you they are not there because they are Obese.  Most are there for colds, flu, and some sort of pain.