I think this story is huge and I’ll tell you why.  If you allow him to take your freedom of choice away, what’s next?  He could pass a law that requires all businesses to make you show up 1 hour before work and have a group workout like they do in Japan.  He could try to pass a bill that requires everyone to buy Brocholi.  Which I’d move if I were forced to have to buy that shit.  Years ago, I was forced to attend a forced fun event for the military.  The lead person was a hardcore leftist.  He planned the menu and I have to say that was the suckiest menu I’ve ever seen.  I could only stomach eating half of what’s on my plate.  They served Brocoli and something with cheese.  My wife was happy because she got to eat all of her food plus half of mine.  I hate brocoli and I don’t eat a lot of cheese because it affects my sinuses.  I found the idiot that planned the menu and told them that they suck!  The Captain’s reply was “I love brocoli and cheese.”  My reply was that’s the problem, you like it but not many other people do.  I suffered through the rest of the damn event so I could go to burger king and get something to eat.

Back during the healthcare debates, we were all told that the government wouldn’t be telling us what we can and can’t consume.  I’m pretty sure that we were lied to about that.  My experience above shows that these people will stoop to anything to force you to eat what they tell you to.  In fact, here are Mayor Bloomberg’s exact words.


…..forcing you to understand..Really?  Castrated Male Voice:  That’s right Mither Walker, Mayor Bloomberg is doing this for their own good.  Me:  Really, I seem to recall a difference scenario last night after you smoked your “Medicine” and watched you go through a 2 liter bottle of coke and a large pizza.