Obama supporters are so out of touch with reality that you have to feel somewhat sorry for them.  They aren’t smart enough to see how the middle class is hurting during the Bamster’s Economy.  On average, Americans are paying an additional $120 a month for groceries…that’s how much my bill went up and an additional $20 a month at the pump.  Ontop of this, the Bamster is making working class Americans pay more taxes while he’s out there killing coal industry jobs.  I thought that we wouldn’t see higher taxes unless we made $250,000 a year?  Apparently that was just another Bamster lie.  There is no shortage of Bamster lies out there.  If you like your health insurance was another.

I’m amazed that people are ignorant on the things Obama has done to hurt the economy yet they still believe that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her backyard.  For the record, for the factually challenged, that was Tina Faye that said that on Saturday Night Live.  Yet liberals want us to believe that they are highly intelligent.  Trajically, most Obama supporters believed that George W could control the price of gas yet the Bamster says he can’t.  Well which is it?  Either the president can or can’t control the gas prices.  You can’t claim both are correct.

I am more and more convinced that I am right when I said Democrats are concerned over the long term consequences of Obama’s poor decisions on the Economy and his leftist fairytale called man-made global warming.  If Democrats were smart they’d realize that higher gas prices is not good.  The higher gas prices rise, the higher our grocery bill goes up.  To claim it isn’t so would be to outright lie about it.

Heating and Cooling bills are rising too as a result of Obama’s poor decisions on the economy.  My bills went up $80 on heating and cooling bills.

Given all of this, people are so diluted that they still say Obama has done a good job.  Really?  Really?  Unemployment went up, profits are down, and Obama is out there lying everytime he says the economy is coming back.  I guess if I had meds that I could smoke and not give a shit about such things, I’d be just like them.  Unfortunately, the stuff I smoke is 100% legal and doesn’t give me a false sense of security.  I see the Bamster’s failures every month and I don’t hear anyone in the media giving the Dems the truth.  Obama is in trouble because of his lies and his failures.  Don’t be surprised if the national election for president doesn’t look like the Wisc election….61 to 39&.  It could happen.