It must suck to be a union boss in Wisconnsin right now.  LOL.  What in the hell did they think would happen?  They all got their panties in a knot because Scott Walker came in found a deficit and fixed it like a responsible person would.  Union people think it was unfair to get rid of Collective Bargaining.  It was unfair to the people of the state that pay your wage to allow you guys to continue to raise your pay rates.  I’m sorry when you make two times more than someone that does the same job you do in a company, you make too much.  It’s apparent to me that none of the unions really care about this because they are to primary people to allow the recall to happen in the first place.

Liberals rush in to defend unions all of the time and their first comments are, “You are against a middle class person earning a decent wage.”  No, those wages were indecent.  If the private sector pays someone to fix computers in the civilian world $12.00, it’s indecent for someone working for the state government, doing the same job,  to be making $24 an hour.  That goes to show how rampant collective bargining is and what it’s doing to the state government budget while unions are allowed to collective bargain.

Well I suggest all of the liberals in Wisc to go by the store and buy yourself large quantities of your favorite alcoholic beverage, kleenex, and anything else you need to drink when you feel like a loser on the way home from work.  Also understand that this is a referendum of the Democrat Party and there will continue to be hell to pay for the last 4 years of lies about everything from healthcare to the economy.