Along with the disappointing loss last night for liberals, today they are out en mass whining about being outspent in Wisc.  See they didn’t whine when BHO outspent McCain but when they are outspent, it’s the end of Democracy.  I have to correct them though, last night was all about Democracy.  The people’s voice was heard loud and clear and at the end of the day, they said they wanted Scott Walker over Tom Barrett as governor.  This election was a disadvantage for Scott Walker and it was Tom Barrett’s to win.  After all Wisc is a Demoncrat state.  Anyone should have been able to take that election with a D after their name.

If a Democrat wins because he outspins the Republican, liberals call that Democracy and when it doesn’t cut their way, they run around crying foul and acting like this person.

Give that man a bottle of Jack Daniels with a baby nipple on the end of it so he can cry himself to sleep.