I am starting to hear some chatter about Harry Reid.  There are several groups looking to recall Harry Reid in a recall election in retailiation for the Scott Walker recall election.  I think that’s a wonderful idea.  Harry Reid had a very hard election last time and I figure most of his supporters aren’t down with another tough fight.  Think about it, they want to use a Demoncrat tactic on a Demoncrat.  I can hear them whining and crying already like a stuck pig.  This would change the political landscape in Washington in a major way if Harry Reid loses a recall election plus it would send a strong message to whoever gets elected to replace him as the majority leader in the senate.  This will most definitely curb some of the liberal messiah’s plans in a major way.

There are some plans to do many things in the UN Sea treaty that need to be stopped and if they get a moderate in there as the majority leader, those plans may just fall in the gutter, where they belong.  Plans to give the UN more power and the federal government less power are always a bad idea because they circumvent our national sovereignty.  Even better, it sends the message that the tea party is here to stay and there is only two things you can do about it.  1.  Nothing.  2.  Learn to like it.  Also, I think it’s been years since Harry Reid has done what the people who elected him want.  I think for the past 3 election terms, Harry Reid has done what benefited him and not his constituents.